What’s Kalakhatta.com?

Kalakhatta.com is a youth website that focuses on the events happening in and around the college campuses all over India. Its main objective is event promotion which entails college level publicity, social media publicity, pre- and post- event reviews and much more.


Why Kalakhatta.com?

Kalakhatta.com is not any run-of-the-mill website; it’s the hub of all the things happening across different colleges of the country. From your campus events to all the latest news doing the rounds, it comes in handy to keep you updated on the various events over the huge online circuit. It is a common platform for event promotion, advertisement, singular blog posts as well as key links. Our counseling desk is another of our key features. You may even join us as an intern and lend a helping hand, while simultaneously learning. And yeah, it’s free of cost!


You can also team up…

If you are a member of any such organisation in your college or if you‘re a young and ambitious bud who is armed with the potential to sparkle and shine with his/her ideas or efforts, then you are most welcome to connect with Kalakhatta.com and become a college representative.

Kalakhatta.com is a place where people think out of the box. We don’t expect any showy grades or formalities from our contributors. The only thing we need is incredible technocrats.

No requisites, no formalities; just one thing – “Brainy Brains”.

The Kalakhatta.com Team

KalaKhatta.com is a team of young lively revolutionists sprinkled with a dash of a few tech-brains, who are trying their hands at the holy internet, as we like to call it.  From freelance website developers to amateur writers, we are a myriad group of enthusiastic undergraduate students who plan to make it big, using Kalakhatta.com as a springboard into the vast world of opportunities.