Impulse 12 from 22nd-24th March, 2012 at Indira Gandhi Institute of Technology, New Delhi

Indira Gandhi Institute of Technology (IGIT) brings to you their 5th Annual Tech-fest, IMPULSE 12, organized by the IEEE college chapter, IGIT IEEE, from 22nd to 24th March 2012. This year IMPULSE promises to be bigger and better. What with the huge success of the theme “Technopreneurship” last year, Impulse 2012 brings with it a totally unique theme this time, that calls out for attention – Are We Human Still?

The million boons of technology, the numerous blessings of human’s creation… Have we achieved the cult god level? Or are we relentlessly exploiting technology landing up losing the basic humane instincts? What’s your stand?

Thematic Event – Clash of the Titans

Impulse 12 provides a platform for you to present YOUR views on the theme – Are we human still?
Two teams – the Ruling Party and the Opposition take their stands and support their views with strong arguments and a documentary. The event takes place in two rounds – Documentary submission, and Parliamentary Debate. Bound to be a spectacle!

Formal events

Maverick Merchant (B-plan), Clash of the Titans (thematic event), CodEmon, Robo Dice, Sphinx, CommQuest (Biz Quiz), Embedded Challenge, MATLAB Madness, Circuit Tackle, Robo Soccer, Quizzard (Tech quiz), Bulls and Bears, Doodler, Da Vinci Quest,  Kya “App” Smart hain?, Intellection (TPP), Contraption, LED Innovation.

Informal Events

Treasure Hunt, Jewellery Design, Tortoizyling, Photocrazy, Bluff Master, Handi Phod, Labyrinth, Bolly Tambola,LANGaming, Snakes and Ladders, Turnquote, Fully Faltu, Bob the Builder, Anjaana Anjaani, Delhi Meri Jaan, Survival of the Fittest, Art Attack.

In addition to these events, IGIT has come up with a small cultural fest on the last day to conclude all this serious stuff with. Come be a part of this unique extravaganza and witness what has never been seen before!

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