Review of NASSCOM Emergeout Conclave Delhi

NASSCOM Emergeout Conclave

Mr. Som Mittal, Chairman, NASSCOM

a. What happens in the background no one is bothered; customer is only bothered with what we deliver at front!

b. Digital Literacy shall overcome Literacy in the coming years

Mr. Aditya Ghosh, President, IndiGo Airlines

a. Low cost doesn’t mean, Low Quality!!

b. Solve problem at root level, it helps in innovating new things

Mr. Venky Mysore, CEO, Kolkata Knight Riders
a. Success = Desire + Activity Knowledge + Action

b. Moneyball – A movie which helped him in team selection process

Panel Discussion on Seizing the Whitespaces in Cloud (Richard Harshman, ASEAN Head – Amazon Web Services, Shabir Momin, CEO, ZengaTV, Indus Khaitan, Co-Founder – Bitzer Mobile, Saurabh Chandra, Co-Founder & CEO, Neev Technologies)
a. Mantra of Cloud: Start fast and Fail Fast. Repeat till you don’t succeed – Richard Harshman

b. Focus on core competencies; not on implementation

Panel Discussion on The Changing Face of Consumer Centric Businesses  (Troy Malone, Asia Head – Evernote, Manish Vij, Co-Founder – Vun Network, Meena Ganesh, CEO – Pearson Education Services, Aloke Bajpai, CEO -iXiGo)
a. TutorVista.com didn’t had a single sales person and still managed to get a good user base in US – Meena Ganesh

b. A person living in US will never know the Cash-on-Delivery model whereas in India it’s quite popular. Indian markets open up huge opportunities and challenges – Troy Malone

Panel Discussion on Whitespaces in Mobile Applications (Katyayan Gupta, Lead Analyst – Forrester, Kavin Bharati Mittal, Head(New Product Development) – BSB, Alok Mittal, MD – Canaan Partners, Arvind Jha, Director & Co-Founder, Movico Technologies)

a. Always consider user feedback and try utilizing it in the product

b. “Angry Birds launched a specific edition only for Chinese New Year”. Objective is to target a specific group of users and this also allows connecting users from different corners of the globe. Also development of a bond with the user.

A workshop on 360o Marketing by Gaurav Mishra, Asia Director – MSL Group

Check out the presentation: slideshare.net/Gauravonomics/purpose-inspired-transmedia-storytelling

Foot in the Door – The CIO’s Perspective (V Ramaswamy, ED-IT – Indian Oil, Rajesh Uppal, CIO – Maruti, Vinod Krishnan, CIO – Walmart India, Umesh Gupta, CEO – Open Software Technology, President – NITEE

Collaboration, Consumerisation, Connectivity: The Future of Technology and What it means for Indian Entrepreneurs – Rajan Anandan, Managing Director – Google India
a. “If you want your company’s turnover in billions in the coming years then hire 100 mobile application developers”. Reason behind everything is going mobile and majority users will be accessing internet for the first time in their life that to from a mobile device.

b. “Solve the video problem. Something like a video based Instagram.”

Review of DEF_CON Punjab

Finally the most happening information security conference of north India finally came to an end. Kalakhatta team was also present to cover the whole event and it was a marvelous attempt from the Team Secugenius for managing the whole event. The event was anchored by Parul Khanna and the first paper was presented by Nipun Jaswal who’s the CTO of Secugenius. His paper was based on WiFi MiTM Attack. Next paper was presented by Gurender Singh and it was based on router based attacks. After that Tajinder Singh presented a paper titled “Exploiting Human Stupidity”. Abhishek Gahlot presented a paper on “Distributed Denial of Service Attack using Python based Exploits”. He himself had written the exploit and gave a live demonstration.

Finally the lunch session served as a networking time and chinese delicacies made the show. Deepankar Arora initiated the session after lunch with his paper on Black Operations of DNS. It was based on DNS Cache Poisoning. It was followed by Yash Sharma’s paper on Host based Intrusion Detection System. Finally the last talk was given by a guest speaker Shubhamoy on Stored XSS Attacks in Web SQL Database.

After the completion of talks, Mr. Harpreet Khattar and Mr. Kshitij Adlakha gave a vote of thanks and initiated the DJ Party, which was followed by the certificate distribution ceremony.

At last the huge event came to a happy ending and these events should take place on regular intervals to create a proper awareness about security in the software domain.

Review of Newtonian at Kirori Mal College on 15th-16th February, 2012

TACHYONS, The Physics Society, Kirori Mal College, organized its Academic Festival – NEWTONIAN-2012, on the 15th16th, February 2012.

Since its inception, some 19 years ago, NEWTONIAN has been occupying a place of great importance in the annual curricular events of the Delhi University, providing a common platform for students to share their knowledge and talent, thereby facilitating a greater exchange of knowledge among them and the general public on the whole.

The 20th Newtonian broke all the participation record of previous time, all our PLT’s (Physics Lab Theatre) were booked. Day one began with the debate based on the topic ‘The search for God particle should end’ which had 20 participants; everybody presenting their views diligently making it difficult for the judges to decide whom to choose the best. This was followed by General Quiz, a whopping 90 teams filled all our venues and the volunteers had a tough time first managing and then selecting only 6 teams for the second round out of that huge lot. Then was Brain Teasers, which had 20 people, was a logical reasoning event; thanks and boo’s for the person behind this event as the person who won got only 1.5 out of 20!!!

Day two began with the Science Quiz organised by Trajectory Education which had around 60 teams and all of them had a mind boggling time finding answers to the problems. It was followed by Paper Presentation having 20 participants. Each of them delivered such presentations that the judges had to take a half an hour break so as to decide who won as every presentation was near perfect content wise and delivery wise. The second day ended with the adventurous Scavenger Hunt in which 35 teams participated; every team had to run through all the North campus so as to complete the tasks.

It was a fest to remember, for a science fest to receive so much participation from all over Delhi and NCR region and being a part of one was amazing. Every volunteer wearing the funky Newtonian t-shirt, the ‘Men in White’ and our professors and lab staff made this fest a legendary one in. Celebrating science and enjoying the team work was the thing which touched everyone’s heart.

Review of Aalap 11: Tides of Eternity at Bethune College

West Bengal is the land of art and music and this was very aptly portrayed by the Cultural Fest of Bethune College, Aalap. The fest commenced with beautiful Rabindra Sangeet followed by the inauguration. The first day of the event included the western vocals, judged by West End vocalist Armit Mukherjee and Bandage bass player Nikhil. Shalini Das, Paromita Roy and S Tamang took home the prizes.

People were given a chance to exhibit their knowledge through the medium of a Quiz, hosted by Mr Ellen O’Brian and winners were from Xavier’s College.

Band Meet saw an amazing enthusiasm from both the participants and the judges.  One of the judges was Bubun Da- Ex drummer from Fossils. The winners were, Corals, Ashwamedha (acoustic band) and Impulse, in the respective order.

Day two began with Rabindranritya, choreography on Honour Killing. Winners of which were Ananya Sengupta and group. Photography contest was judged by Margub Ali and the winner was Sayan from Jaipuria College. The Fashion Show saw an active participation from Jaipuria College, Scottish Church College, Xaviers College, Womens College, Presidency College, Vidyasagar College, Lady Brabourne College and many more. The winner was yet again Jaipuria college.

Prize distribution was done by honourable officer in charge Dr. Manjusha Sinha Bera.

The fest concluded with blues, jazz, country and Indie rock by five bands – Jason from Lochlomond, Ifs and Buts, Raaj and friends, V3, Opening West end.

Review of ESYA 11 @ IIIT, Delhi

Download all the results of ESYA 11 (PDF File, 2MB)

ESYA’11 was the first ever tech fest organized by Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, Delhi (IIIT-D). Esya, the word meaning exploration, was truly one of its kind – it was indeed a discovery of talents of sorts! The convenor Naman Jain, along with his team of organizers, though being amateurs, put up a great show and made it a grand success. The best part was that there was something for everybody, as the events were not limited to technical and engineering fields (as one would usually expect), but a lot more diverse. Events ranged from social entrepreneurship to B-Plan, to exciting games for avid PS3 gamers, to mobile programming and a lot more. An interesting part of the fest was that a Blood Donation Camp was organized – a thought provoking event giving the event a more humane touch that forces one to stop for a moment and contribute their bit for the society and the ailing.

Okay, now let’s have a quick look at some interesting facts about the event:

  • There was a total of 14 events organized
  • A total of 1000 people participated in 3 events alone with their major success being Hunt-IT, seeing a participation of 300 students from across different colleges.
  • XQuizIT saw a participation of more than 80 teams.
  • There were grand prizes given away to the proud winners.
  • A proper security system with 2 PCR Vans was maintained to ensure smooth functioning of the whole 3-Day event.

Now for a few words straight from the horse’s mouth. The convenor, Naman Jain, on being asked about his experience of the show delightfully said, “These few weeks have been really tiring as we have been working really hard, but looking at the enthusiasm of the participants, we feel motivated!”

All in all, it was a well organized and well executed event.

ESYA 11 @ Indraprastha Institute of Information and Technology

esya tech fest iiitd

esya iiitddj_night@esya