DEF_CON Punjab on 28th July, 2012

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Are you interested in information security or a geek or are you familiar with this, “W3lc0m3 dm1n…….I pwn3d you”? Then this summer a power packed event is coming your way at Ludhiana – it is DEF_CON Punjab. Secugenius – a popular name in the infosec industry is organizing this event and would blow the heads off by gathering all the security professionals of mainly northern India at a single place.

For those who aren’t aware about DEF_CON, it is a registered group of people interested in exploring implications in technology and cyber security!! First organized in June 1993 at Las Vegas and it is organized every year.

This event will provide a platform for technical geeks interested in cyber security and others who have remarkable knowledge in their respective fields and are lacking due to lack of exposure. Non-technical people will also get the opportunity to let their interst develop in the technicalities and Cyber-security vulnerabilities. It, definitely, will be a great source of motivation and knowledge for them. These events will also prepare them to interact with industry experts and gain knowledge regarding various technical and non-technical aspects. I believe there is something for everyone.

Hackers from all around the India will be together in one place, exchanging knowledge and socializing! So quickly get yourself registered 🙂

Important Information

Website: www.defconpunjab.com

Last Date for Paper Submission: 21st July, 2012

Venue: Las Vegas Restro Bar, Ludhiana

Event Date and Time: 28th July, 2012 0900hrs onward

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