Review of DEF_CON Punjab

Finally the most happening information security conference of north India finally came to an end. Kalakhatta team was also present to cover the whole event and it was a marvelous attempt from the Team Secugenius for managing the whole event. The event was anchored by Parul Khanna and the first paper was presented by Nipun Jaswal who’s the CTO of Secugenius. His paper was based on WiFi MiTM Attack. Next paper was presented by Gurender Singh and it was based on router based attacks. After that Tajinder Singh presented a paper titled “Exploiting Human Stupidity”. Abhishek Gahlot presented a paper on “Distributed Denial of Service Attack using Python based Exploits”. He himself had written the exploit and gave a live demonstration.

Finally the lunch session served as a networking time and chinese delicacies made the show. Deepankar Arora initiated the session after lunch with his paper on Black Operations of DNS. It was based on DNS Cache Poisoning. It was followed by Yash Sharma’s paper on Host based Intrusion Detection System. Finally the last talk was given by a guest speaker Shubhamoy on Stored XSS Attacks in Web SQL Database.

After the completion of talks, Mr. Harpreet Khattar and Mr. Kshitij Adlakha gave a vote of thanks and initiated the DJ Party, which was followed by the certificate distribution ceremony.

At last the huge event came to a happy ending and these events should take place on regular intervals to create a proper awareness about security in the software domain.

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