Review of NASSCOM Emergeout Conclave Delhi

NASSCOM Emergeout Conclave

Mr. Som Mittal, Chairman, NASSCOM

a. What happens in the background no one is bothered; customer is only bothered with what we deliver at front!

b. Digital Literacy shall overcome Literacy in the coming years

Mr. Aditya Ghosh, President, IndiGo Airlines

a. Low cost doesn’t mean, Low Quality!!

b. Solve problem at root level, it helps in innovating new things

Mr. Venky Mysore, CEO, Kolkata Knight Riders
a. Success = Desire + Activity Knowledge + Action

b. Moneyball – A movie which helped him in team selection process

Panel Discussion on Seizing the Whitespaces in Cloud (Richard Harshman, ASEAN Head – Amazon Web Services, Shabir Momin, CEO, ZengaTV, Indus Khaitan, Co-Founder – Bitzer Mobile, Saurabh Chandra, Co-Founder & CEO, Neev Technologies)
a. Mantra of Cloud: Start fast and Fail Fast. Repeat till you don’t succeed – Richard Harshman

b. Focus on core competencies; not on implementation

Panel Discussion on The Changing Face of Consumer Centric Businesses  (Troy Malone, Asia Head – Evernote, Manish Vij, Co-Founder – Vun Network, Meena Ganesh, CEO – Pearson Education Services, Aloke Bajpai, CEO -iXiGo)
a. TutorVista.com didn’t had a single sales person and still managed to get a good user base in US – Meena Ganesh

b. A person living in US will never know the Cash-on-Delivery model whereas in India it’s quite popular. Indian markets open up huge opportunities and challenges – Troy Malone

Panel Discussion on Whitespaces in Mobile Applications (Katyayan Gupta, Lead Analyst – Forrester, Kavin Bharati Mittal, Head(New Product Development) – BSB, Alok Mittal, MD – Canaan Partners, Arvind Jha, Director & Co-Founder, Movico Technologies)

a. Always consider user feedback and try utilizing it in the product

b. “Angry Birds launched a specific edition only for Chinese New Year”. Objective is to target a specific group of users and this also allows connecting users from different corners of the globe. Also development of a bond with the user.

A workshop on 360o Marketing by Gaurav Mishra, Asia Director – MSL Group

Check out the presentation: slideshare.net/Gauravonomics/purpose-inspired-transmedia-storytelling

Foot in the Door – The CIO’s Perspective (V Ramaswamy, ED-IT – Indian Oil, Rajesh Uppal, CIO – Maruti, Vinod Krishnan, CIO – Walmart India, Umesh Gupta, CEO – Open Software Technology, President – NITEE

Collaboration, Consumerisation, Connectivity: The Future of Technology and What it means for Indian Entrepreneurs – Rajan Anandan, Managing Director – Google India
a. “If you want your company’s turnover in billions in the coming years then hire 100 mobile application developers”. Reason behind everything is going mobile and majority users will be accessing internet for the first time in their life that to from a mobile device.

b. “Solve the video problem. Something like a video based Instagram.”

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