JOSH 12 @ Ramanujan College on 24th-25th February, 2012

Ramanujan College brings to you its annual cultural festival ‘JOSH 2012’. Two days of amazing fun, frolic and art. Ramanujan College was formerly known as ‘Deshbandhu Evening’. Along with its name a lot of other things about the college have changed as well. The two day event will include art forms ranging from street theatre to rangoli making, from group dance to fashion show. Prizes of around Rs 1 lakh to be won.
The event will be highlighted by the star performances of Anshul Gupta, and the fusion band ‘Rishi Inc.’
The event schedule is as follows:

24th February

Fashion Show @ 1:30 pm
Solo music performance (for differently able)  @ 10:30 am
Solo music performance @ 11:30 am
Face Painting @ 2:00 pm
Mr and Miss Ramanujam @ 12:00 pm
Ad mad @ 12:30 pm
Rishi Inc-Band Performance @ 3:30 pm
DJ Manu @ 5:00 pm

25th February

Campus Photography Competition @ 10:00 am
Rangoli Making @ 11:00 am
Turncoat Debate @ 11:30 am
Street Play @ 11 am
Group Dance @ 2 pm
Anshul Gupta—Star Night @ 5:00pm

**Entry will be strictly through college identity cards**

For registration in any of the events fill up this form: Online Registration Form

Check the event page at Facebook.

Contact Persons at Ramanujan College
Akash: +919891171860
Rahul: +919971585698
Gunesekaran: +919717025490
Dipankar: +919811924416


Review of Newtonian at Kirori Mal College on 15th-16th February, 2012

TACHYONS, The Physics Society, Kirori Mal College, organized its Academic Festival – NEWTONIAN-2012, on the 15th16th, February 2012.

Since its inception, some 19 years ago, NEWTONIAN has been occupying a place of great importance in the annual curricular events of the Delhi University, providing a common platform for students to share their knowledge and talent, thereby facilitating a greater exchange of knowledge among them and the general public on the whole.

The 20th Newtonian broke all the participation record of previous time, all our PLT’s (Physics Lab Theatre) were booked. Day one began with the debate based on the topic ‘The search for God particle should end’ which had 20 participants; everybody presenting their views diligently making it difficult for the judges to decide whom to choose the best. This was followed by General Quiz, a whopping 90 teams filled all our venues and the volunteers had a tough time first managing and then selecting only 6 teams for the second round out of that huge lot. Then was Brain Teasers, which had 20 people, was a logical reasoning event; thanks and boo’s for the person behind this event as the person who won got only 1.5 out of 20!!!

Day two began with the Science Quiz organised by Trajectory Education which had around 60 teams and all of them had a mind boggling time finding answers to the problems. It was followed by Paper Presentation having 20 participants. Each of them delivered such presentations that the judges had to take a half an hour break so as to decide who won as every presentation was near perfect content wise and delivery wise. The second day ended with the adventurous Scavenger Hunt in which 35 teams participated; every team had to run through all the North campus so as to complete the tasks.

It was a fest to remember, for a science fest to receive so much participation from all over Delhi and NCR region and being a part of one was amazing. Every volunteer wearing the funky Newtonian t-shirt, the ‘Men in White’ and our professors and lab staff made this fest a legendary one in. Celebrating science and enjoying the team work was the thing which touched everyone’s heart.

Newtonian at Kirori Mal College on 15th-16th February

TACHYONS, The Physics Society, Kirori Mal College, is organizing its Academic Festival NEWTONIAN -2012, on the 15th and 16th ofFebruary 2012.

A celebration of the general spirit of Physics, it includes a plethora of activities including National Level Seminars on issues encompassing the study and research in Physics, Paper Presentations, Debates, General Quiz, Science Quiz, Documentary Competitions, Scavenger Hunt, Brain Teasers etc.

The Annual Journal, “PHYZION” is being published by The Physics Society, with the main motive of generating interest about Physics among students of Physics as well as other disciplines. The Journal is laden with articles discussing diverse matters primarily related to Physics and General Science.

Day 1: 15th February

10:00 A.M : Conventional Debate- THBT “The search for God particle should end”

                   4+1 minutes

                   Individual Speakers

                   Language: English

                    2 Interjections per Debate

12:00 P.M : General Quiz

                     Teams of two can register

                      Domain- General Knowledge

01:00 P.M : Brain Teasers

                    1 or a team of 2

                     Calculations won’t help “Common Sense” will.

Day 2: 16th February

10:00 A.M : Science Quiz

                   Domain- Physics, Chemistry, Biology.

                    Teams of two can register.

12:00 P.M : Paper Presentation

                   Time limit- 10-12 minutes.

                   Science related theme.

01:00 P.M : Scavenger Hunt

                     15 photographs or 15 criteria

                      Time Limit- 2 hours

Spectrum 2012 @ Kirori Mal College on 9th-10th, Feb

SPECTRUM 2012 is an inter – college science popularization festival organized by B.Sc. (Prog.) Department of Kirori Mal College on 9-10th February 2012 . Started years back, it includes events like seminars on science related topics, debate, paper presentation, graffiti, treasure hunt, etc. The addition of general quiz has added a cutting edge to the festival.

About a thousand students from all courses and city universities like JNU, IIT, JMI, FMS, CDE, etc. visit the fest with active participation from most of them as it is considered among the best few academic festivals of the university.

In its many years of existence, “SPECTRUM” has been largely successful in promoting scientific temper among the youth to a great extent. Over the years, it has invited renowned professors and scientist from different universities and institutes to hold talks and seminar related to science. Its events have been versatile enough to encourage participation from a variety of courses.

Day 1 : 9th February, 2011

  • Inaugural Seminar on Bio Informatics
  • General Quiz  (Prelims)
  • General Quiz  (Main)
  • Innovate The Spectrum
  • Treasure Hunt

Day 2 : 10th  February, 2011

  • Seminar (on topic: material sciences)
  • Power Point Presentation (Topics: Hydrocarbons and Beyond Changing Landscape)
  • Face Painting
  • SCINGO (Science + Bingo)
  • Retention and Prompto Dance
  • Prize Distribution