Review of Aalap 11: Tides of Eternity at Bethune College

West Bengal is the land of art and music and this was very aptly portrayed by the Cultural Fest of Bethune College, Aalap. The fest commenced with beautiful Rabindra Sangeet followed by the inauguration. The first day of the event included the western vocals, judged by West End vocalist Armit Mukherjee and Bandage bass player Nikhil. Shalini Das, Paromita Roy and S Tamang took home the prizes.

People were given a chance to exhibit their knowledge through the medium of a Quiz, hosted by Mr Ellen O’Brian and winners were from Xavier’s College.

Band Meet saw an amazing enthusiasm from both the participants and the judges.  One of the judges was Bubun Da- Ex drummer from Fossils. The winners were, Corals, Ashwamedha (acoustic band) and Impulse, in the respective order.

Day two began with Rabindranritya, choreography on Honour Killing. Winners of which were Ananya Sengupta and group. Photography contest was judged by Margub Ali and the winner was Sayan from Jaipuria College. The Fashion Show saw an active participation from Jaipuria College, Scottish Church College, Xaviers College, Womens College, Presidency College, Vidyasagar College, Lady Brabourne College and many more. The winner was yet again Jaipuria college.

Prize distribution was done by honourable officer in charge Dr. Manjusha Sinha Bera.

The fest concluded with blues, jazz, country and Indie rock by five bands – Jason from Lochlomond, Ifs and Buts, Raaj and friends, V3, Opening West end.

Aalap 11 @ Bethune College on 9th-10th Dec 2011

Aalap Tide of EternityAn academically oriented college like Bethune College also knows how to have fun too!! Presenting Aalap~Tides of Eternity 2011…The annual festival of the first Asian women’s college! AALAP, the Annual Inter College Competition, will be held on the 9th and 10th of December of this year, inviting colleges from all around West Bengal, including IIT Kharagpur.

The event, being, the highlight of the college’s social calendar is proud to host a wide variety of events where each one of you gets a chance to showcase your talent. The major ones include Band meet, Choreography, Colours of India (Fashion show), and a huge array of newly introduced events like Western duet, War of Rjs and Photography. At the end of the evening are some exciting pulse racing guest performances!! And this time, they are ‘celebrating music’!!!
The first day they have Bandage- the band formed by Mir, who is an extremely talented RJ and a VJ. On the second day, for the first time, in the history of Bethune, they have five bands performing!! Isn’t that just so great?! Featuring, country, jazz, blues and indie rock! They have Jason from Lochlomond, Ifs and Buts, V3, Raaj and friends and opening West End. All these bands hold a position on Reverbnation and are pretty much in demand in the circuit!!

So, we welcome all, enjoy all, participate all, have food and celebrate music!!!!